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Ionizing Blowers - Table Top Ionization to Control Workstation Static Problems

Ionization is imperative in electronic assembly.  Delivering a balanced stream of ionized air, ionizers remove static charges from insulating materials and isolated conductors is critical. Bench Top Ionizers protect electronic devices from electrostatic potential that wrist straps, bench top mats and even ESD flooring just can't eliminate.

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Model Number
Specs. Manual
Tribocharge resistance materials eliminators

Bench Top AC Ionizer Blower

BFN 801 uses corona ionizing technology to continuously produce a balanced output of positive and negative air ions. Provides excellent balance and rapid charge decay for secure workstation protection.

  • Stable ionization output: +10 volt balance
  • Integrated emitter cleaning device
  • Coverage: 1' x 5' area
  • Decay Time: <2secs @12
ESD personnel grounding

Broad Range AC Ionizer Blower

Designed to cover a broad 3’ x 6’ area, the 8412 uses AC technology to continuously produce a balanced output
of positive and negative air ions. Integrated heater and emitter cleaner for ease of operator use.

  • Stable ionization output: +10 volt balance
  • Heater
  • Coverage: 3' x 6' area
  • Decay Time: <1.2secs @12
Controlling ESD ionizer

Ptec™ Bench Top AC Ionizer Blower

The IN5110 ionizing blower combines exceptionally fast static decay capability with excellent balance stability, all in a small footprint.

  • Stable ionization output: +5 volt balance
  • Coverage: 1' x 5' area
  • Decay Time: <2secs @12"
Ptec In- Tool Ionizer

Ptec™ In Tool AC Ionizer Blower

The small IN5120 ionizing blower combines exceptionally fast static decay capability with excellent balance stability, all in a small footprint. It’s light weight and compact design combined with an adjustable blowing angle makes it a versatile bench top or in-tool application.

  • Stable ionization output: +5 volt balance
  • Coverage: 1' x 5' area
  • Decay Time: <3secs @12"


Static electricity ionization
Today, air ionizers are widely used by electronic component and boardassembly manufacturers. Most use either corona discharge or natural radiation (alpha) techniques to generate air ions. Both are commonly used today and each has certain advantages. Comply with stringent ANSI/ESD 2020-2007 guidelines. At Transforming Technologies we provide cost effective ESD ionizers to control ESD before it takes another "byte" from your productivity, efficiency and sanity!

The Corona Method
This technique involves the use of high voltage (~5-20 kV). The voltage is applied to a set of sharp points; an intense electric field is established in the very near (~100 mm.) of the points. This field accelerates free electrons to a sufficiently high energy to allow them to ionize molecules with which they collide. When the voltage on the point is positive, positive ions are repelled into the environment and when the point is negative, negative ions are delivered. Corona ionizers are made with AC voltage and with DC voltage. Each has certain benefits that are discussed below.

Static sensitive electronicsAC Ionizers
The AC ionizer is by far the simplest and therefore the lowest cost to manufacture. It utilizes a step-up transformer to create the high voltage for ion generation. Because the transformer secondary is well isolated from ground, the current drawn from the emitter point(s) during the positive and negative voltage excursions of the emitter (corresponding to positive and negative excursions of the AC power line should be equal. Experience shows that the actual offset voltages measured with a Charge Plate Monitor (CPM) is typically less than 10 V so indeed, the AC ionizer is self regulating. Because the AC type ionizer produces the positive and negative ions in sequence from the same emitter point(s), these ions are separated in time by half of the period of the AC power line (i.e. 1/100 or 1/120 sec.). This means that the waves of positive and negative ions are rather close to each other, making loss through recombination a consideration. AC ionizers typically utilize fast airflow velocity to minimize recombination.

DC Ionizers
DC Ionizers use separate emitter points for the positive and negative DC HV power supplies to create the ions. The voltage is applied to separate negative and positive emitter points. In order to provide equal numbers of positive and negative ions from separate sources, DC ionizers need some form of control to maintain this balance. For the demanding requirements of electrostatic management of production lines where GMR heads are handled, the control must be active feedback to account for variations in the environment and for any wear that occurs over the life of the ionizer. Because of the greater sophistication and control systems that are needed for DC ionizers, the DC ionizing systems are generally more expensive to manufacture. Owing to the fact that the positive and negative emitters are well separated from each other, recombination is a minimized. DC room ionization systems, configured properly, can effectively deliver ions to the location required using only ambient airflow.

Electrostatic charges alpha ionizerAlpha Ionizers
Alpha energy delivers a perfectly balanced cloud of ions that are extremely effective in reducing product damage and yield loss in the disk drive industry and other extremely sensitive electronic manufacturing processes. Alpha ionizers use the radioisotope polonium 210 to provide perfect balance and particle-free operation. Ionization is achieved when alpha particles (polonium 210) collide with air molecules and displace electrons from air molecules. Alpha ionizers are beneficial because of the fact an equal number of positive and negative ions are created; everything in the work area is neutralized to zero. Alpha ionizers are also widely used in volatile environments with static problems as well as graphics, printing and converting industries.

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