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Ionizing Guns - Point and Shoot Control of Ionization

Ionizing air guns are a quick and practicle way neutralise static charges and clean the surface using ionized compressed air. Neutralising the static charges makes it easier to blow-clean the surface and prevents dust and dirt particles from being reattracted.

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Model Number
Specs. Manual
ionizing air gun

Ionizing Air Gun

This is an excellent tool for blowing particulate contamination off of any surface. It releases a balanced stream of ionized air that neutralizes any static charge.

  • Integrated Air/ Power cable with strain relief.
  • High Frequency AC(68KHz) ion emission
  • Red output alarm illuminates to alert high voltage failure
  • Decay: 2 seconds at 12"
ionizing air gun

Neutralizer AC Battery Operated Ionizing Air Gun

The Neutralizer AC Model 6500 incorporates the efficiency and power of an air amplifier with corona ionization technology to produce a highly effective static eliminating blow-off gun.

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • High volume air flow
  • Light weight and ergonomic


Ionization is imperative in electronic assembly.  Delivering a balanced stream of ionized air, ionizers remove static charges from insulating materials and isolated conductors is critical. Ionizers protect electronic devices from electrostatic potential that wrist straps, bench top mats and even ESD flooring just can't eliminate. Don't put your components and assemblies at risk. Comply with stringent ANSI/ESD 2020-2007 guidelines. At Transforming Technologies we provide cost effective ESD ionizers to control ESD before it takes another "byte" from your productivity, efficiency and sanity!

Today, air ionizers are widely used by electronic component and board assembly manufacturers. Most use either corona discharge or natural radiation (alpha) techniques to generate air ions. Both are commonly used today and each has certain advantages.

Contact Transforming Technologies today for all of your Wholesale Air Ionization and clean room needs today.

Transforming Technologies, LLC
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Toledo, OH 43617
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