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Transforming Technologies -  Customized and comprehensive ESD solutions .

Headquartered in Toledo, OH, USA, Transforming Technologies offers a wide range of critically important ionization, grounding and specialty ESD products for protecting static sensitive electronics

Transforming technologies Toledo devices

To many people, static electricity is little more than the shock experienced when touching a metal doorknob after walking across a carpeted room or sliding across a car seat. However, static electricity has been a serious industrial problem for centuries. As early as the 1400’s, European and Caribbean forts were using static control procedures and devices to prevent electrostatic discharge ignition of black powder stores. By the 1860's, paper mills throughout the U.S. employed basic grounding, flame ionization techniques, and steam drums to dissipate static electricity from the paper web as it traveled through the
drying process.

The age of electronics brought with it new problems associated with static electricity and electrostatic discharge. As electronic devices became faster and smaller, their sensitivity to ESD increased. Today, ESD impacts productivity and product reliability in virtually every aspect of today’s electronics environment.


Electrostatic Discharge Damage The control of electrostatic discharge is an important aspect in the manufacturing, assembling and repairing of devices that employ electronics. Electrostatic discharges can damage an electronic component at any stage of its production or application if not controlled. The primary method of control is to ground (or bring to the same potential) all conductors that come in contact or near proximity to the electronic device(s). These conductors include humans, tools, ESD mats, other electronic devices, boards, connectors, packaging, etc.

There are other components to a good ESD Control program including, removal of unnecessary insulators, shielding, ionization, environmental controls, training, education and top down compliance.


Microscopic Damage from ESD

Transforming Technologies, LLC, has the products your company needs to be static-free. We make:

Controlling Static
Coming to terms with static charges can be challenging and costly in a production environment. Transforming Technologies provides products, consultation and educational support to its clients for the many problems that arise in a myriad of manufacturing workplaces. Contact us today.

Transforming Technologies in Sylvania supplies static control products

Transforming Technologies offers a full line of static control and ESD control products for use in manufacturing, clean rooms, laboratories and industrial applications. Our static control applications expertise is our specialty combined with a unique selection of the industries most reliable and highest performing static control products. Select from a full range of products designed to minimize the possibility of electro-static discharge (ESD) to static-sensitive devices. Our static control products include static charge control ionizers, wrist straps and tool ground monitoring systems, ESD and EMI monitoring systems, ionizer control systems and field meters, charge plate monitors and much more.

Let us help you control static problems in your plant. Static control equipment is primarily used in process plastic, paper, electronics, medical products, automotive, converting, textiles, printing, non-woven, packaging and non-metals manufacturing where ESD can be problematic.

Static control devices prevent surface charge build-ups, which also attract and hold particulate contamination. Most static-related problems, however simple or complex they may seem, can be solved once the problem is addressed, analyzed and the proper static control methods are implemented and adhered to.

Transforming Technologies manufactures static control devices for your clean room needs. We also supply static control devices to several industries.

Static control flooring and footwear can control static problems throughout the work area, especially in areas where personnel have to be quite mobile. Transforming Technologies are distributors of static control flooring mats.

Like all static control procedures, flooring (and footwear) is part of a complete program that also may include packaging and materials handling, ionization, wrist straps, or garments. Transforming Technologies can manufacture the proper static control devices for your company’s needs.

Products and services available from Transforming Technologies are consistent with the requirements of IEC 61340-5 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.




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